OGRA Third Party Access Rules 2018
OGRA – Third Party Access Rules 2018 (Gas)


North South Gas Pipeline (NSGP) project has been the talk of town these days as summaries are being forwarded by MoE-PD for approval of ECC / Cabinet of Minister for kick-starting this project with active support of Russian government and corporate entities. There have been reported news of laying 56 inch diameter North South Gas Pipeline which is indeed a matter of concern in view of non-transparent transport capacity declaration by Sui Companies. SSGCL and SNGPL are reportedly part of North South Gas Pipeline (lead by ISGSL as per notice available on GoP website)and this would be another blow to an efficient and open gas transport system in Pakistan – given inherent incapacity and lack luster management of current operational affairs of SSGCL / SNGPL with high number of UFG losses. Let there be no doubt that North South Gas Pipeline project can only be successful if it is planned for execution under TPA Rules 2018 with transport implementation under properly defined Network Codes..


Sustainable LNG operations

Recently there has been great public interest in LNG debate which has been analysed thread bare purely on lng sustainability perspective without any political bias. Sustainability of Pakistan’s LNG business is not touched in the referred debate and therefore a need arises to shift the focus of Pakistan LNG sustainability towards real issues that may determine a future course of a successful action plan to supplement Pakistan’s energy needs through LNG / RLNG operations.

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Pakistan LNG Debate: Truths Lies and Distractions

LNG Debate - Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Saath

It is good to see two Engineers sitting in TV Show “Dunya Kamran Khan Key Saath” discussing history and current situation of LNG and RLNG operations in Pakistan. Mr Nadeem Babar (SAPM) an MS in Civil Engineering with background in developing Power Plants in Pakistan sat with Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (Ex Petroleum Minister and Ex-PM of Pakistan) an Electrical Engineer well known for introducing and operating private airline business in Pakistan. Prior to SAPM serving as SAPM and EX-PM serving as Petroleum Minister of Pakistan, both these gentlemen have no experience and little knowledge of oil and gas sector operations.

rlng price notification ogra
OGRA RLNG Price Notification Causes a Rise of 50-72% Over & Above LNG DES (Delivered Ex-Ship) Price – WHY ??


It was optimistic thinking on the part of consumers that in the wake of reduced oil prices OGRA will be constrained to reduce RLNG price to levels which make RLNG affordable for locals. Common consumers in domestic, commercial and industrial categories who have no associations like APTMA, APCMA and FMPAC in Pakistan to watch their interests are swiftly losing confidence in OGRA. CONSUMERS HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY MISTAKEN IN RELYING ON OGRA FOR SAFEGUARD OF CONSUMER INTERESTS because of continuation of anomalies in OGRA RLNG pricing notification. Despite a significant reduction in world oil prices OGRA has been consistent about its determination that supports continuation of anomalies in RLNG Pricing.

energy content of gas theft and leakage in pipelines


In order to take up gas theft and leakage prevention in a pipeline system seriously and conclusively the first thing required to be done by management is to eliminate guess work – technical managers operating the system have developed trivial stories over time which are convenient for the consumption of general public and political leaders who are less familiar with technicalities involved in the process of gas theft and leakage prevention in pipelines. Such un-professional arguments are often supported (or not opposed) by regulators, like OGRA in Pakistan, due to absence of strong opposition during public hearings because of vested interests. Thus gas theft and leakage prevention in pipelines is often misunderstood as an issue that is to be rectified by political leaders alone without any technical support work and sometimes vice a versa.

Pipeline repair
Special Pressure Containing Sleeve – Fig 1 to 4 above indicate how it is put on an In-service leaking pipeline

UFG is a technical issue and pipeline repair is the key to control UFG (Un-accounted For Gas) or LAUF (Lost And Un-accounted For) gas, provided metering is done accurately. SNGPL and SSGC have been in the habit of dealing with UFG as a political and security phenomena with OGRA always sympathetic towards their cause. These two companies have never considered lack of pipeline repair and maintenance as the main cause of their un-controllable UFG, besides metering and billing anomalies. This article serves to provide info for existing professionals in such utility companies to drive an initiative to compel their management to act more professionally in dealing with UFG.

State-wise eGallon comparison with gasoline gallon

Electric Vehicles have been an important consideration to implement clean energy technologies for transport to support global efforts towards transition to sustainable energy use. Pakistan has recently announced National Electric Vehicle policy to incentivize electric vehicle use in Pakistan. As such the public needs to be aware about how electric vehicles compare with alternatives – pros and cons of electric vehicles.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY supplies comprise primary energy supplies of renewables, oil, gas (RLNG) and electricity which make business, environmental and social sense under minimum possible subsidy application. Pakistan needs to rethink sustainable energy beyond Covid 19 in the light of suggestions of Dr Angela Wilkinson (Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council). She wrote in the latest edition of WEC-Issues Monitor:

(Used by permission of World Energy Council)

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Listen to the beautiful song based on 99 names of ALLAH Kareem “La Illaha Illa Allah”. This indicates that situations like COVID 19 returned human love for ALLAH. All the devastation, economic or medical, brought by COVID 19 has compelled all humans to look towards ALLAH for Blessing.


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Prime Minister PM Imran Khan has recently directed a select group of ministers and advisors to ensure a system of energy reforms including petroleum sector reforms to maximize public relief in the shape of reduced utility bills. He also emphasized that this system should also build public confidence and support for government initiatives for successful implementation.

Bloomberg Brent Price Trend
Source: Bloomberg Brent Price Trend – 2020 Year To Date


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