Yes it is interesting to note that US Trillion Trees Act follows footsteps of CPEC Ten Billion Trees initiative in Pakistan. CPEC projects are now integrating PM Imran Khan’s Ten Billion Trees initiative and entire CPEC corridor will be planted with trees. This environment sustainability drive has started from D.I. Khan Segment (shown in picture below) as part of CPEC corridor. Lines of new plantations can be seen filling road shoulders – a building reality of CPEC Ten Billion Trees initiative.

Earlier, Billion Tree initiative by KP government in Pakistan has been recognized as successful by world bodies. A factual realization of value of CPEC Ten billion trees initiative gets highlighted as U.S. is now following on the footprints of Pakistan. Green Tech Media reported that a “Trillion Trees Act” has been introduced by US Republican representatives on 13th of February as a three-part climate plan expected to be followed by focus on clean energy and conservation. The U.S. bill will require the government to create domestic targets for new tree planting to achieve 1 trillion trees goal by 2050.

Pakistan CPEC Supports Sustainability

Lanes of Tree Plantation near D I Khan Pakistan - CPEC

Republican Representative Bruce Westerman of Arkansas, a graduate of Yale University’s forestry school, stated while introducing the bill, “Trees are the ultimate carbon sequestration device. We have an obligation to conserve our resources and make them available to future generations, and I challenge anyone to find a better climate solution than taking care of our forests.”

Research from WRI found that the U.S. has the technical potential to add 60 billion trees over two decades, or 3 billion trees per year. Annually, that would sequester half a gigaton (500 million metric tons) of carbon dioxide. In 2019, the U.S. emitted 5,783 million metric tons, according to Rhodium Group estimates.

Efforts required to move towards an environmentally sustainable future and reduce the rate of global warming should include reforestation, converting agricultural land and integrating trees into pasture land. It is emphasized that rigorous follow-up monitoring and management of such billion trees plantation programs are absolutely essential to reap the fruit of these efforts. Since CPEC is expected to be soon a decently populated corridor and will see the newly planted alive till CPEC Ten Billion Trees achieve self-sustainability.

Watch United Nation FAO Video

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan have close similarity of sustainability vision in terms of forestation. Likewise, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during his visit to Pakistan in Feb 2020 appreciated the CPEC Ten Billion Trees initiative.

How Forests Reduce Global Warming

According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) forests have sanitary influences upon environment due to the production of oxygen through photosynthesis. Forests play a major role in reducing pollution such as water, air and noise pollution. Influences of forest upon biotic conditions include its effect on animal life and mankind. Concurrent conclusion of various investigations on the effect of forests in reducing global warming are:

  1. Forests lower the daily mean temperature in spring and summer and raise it slightly in autumn and winter.
  2. Forests lower the daily maximum of air temperature and raise the daily minimum.
  3. Forests diminish the daily range of air temperature.  


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