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OGRA RLNG Price Notification Causes a Rise of 50-72% Over & Above LNG DES (Delivered Ex-Ship) Price – WHY ??


It was optimistic thinking on the part of consumers that in the wake of reduced oil prices OGRA will be constrained to reduce RLNG price to levels which make RLNG affordable for locals. Common consumers in domestic, commercial and industrial categories who have no associations like APTMA, APCMA and FMPAC in Pakistan to watch their interests are swiftly losing confidence in OGRA. CONSUMERS HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY MISTAKEN IN RELYING ON OGRA FOR SAFEGUARD OF CONSUMER INTERESTS because of continuation of anomalies in OGRA RLNG pricing notification. Despite a significant reduction in world oil prices OGRA has been consistent about its determination that supports continuation of anomalies in RLNG Pricing.

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY supplies comprise primary energy supplies of renewables, oil, gas (RLNG) and electricity which make business, environmental and social sense under minimum possible subsidy application. Pakistan needs to rethink sustainable energy beyond Covid 19 in the light of suggestions of Dr Angela Wilkinson (Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council). She wrote in the latest edition of WEC-Issues Monitor:

(Used by permission of World Energy Council)

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Prime Minister PM Imran Khan has recently directed a select group of ministers and advisors to ensure a system of energy reforms including petroleum sector reforms to maximize public relief in the shape of reduced utility bills. He also emphasized that this system should also build public confidence and support for government initiatives for successful implementation.

Bloomberg Brent Price Trend
Source: Bloomberg Brent Price Trend – 2020 Year To Date


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