SUSTAINABLE ENERGY supplies comprise primary energy supplies of renewables, oil, gas (RLNG) and electricity which make business, environmental and social sense under minimum possible subsidy application. Pakistan needs to rethink sustainable energy beyond Covid 19 in the light of suggestions of Dr Angela Wilkinson (Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council). She wrote in the latest edition of WEC-Issues Monitor:

(Used by permission of World Energy Council)

“………….. we also detect new signals that energy transition has entered a new era.…… …………. The initial findings confirm that changes in behavior (of energy providers) will not be automatic, without more active customer engagement.

I believe that we have entered a new era of energy for humanity. Global energy transition is now being shaped by the 5Ds – de-carbonization, decentralization, digitalization, democratization and demand-centric (energy-plus) services.

Focusing on actions at the human level and addressing the social impacts of an accelerating energy transition will contribute to healthy, harmonious and happy energy societies.”

Note: Used by permission of World Energy Council