Simscale GmbH, Germany

Energy Simulation Software

Starting out as one of my first clients, Simscale has seen amazing growth over the past 10 years or so. Working with Netty Zaharia Marketing Manager of Simscale we developed white papers and blogs for Simscale website. Those were initial business days for the company which has now grown to become a large multi-national corporation. Today Simscale has offices in US and Germany with ties in five continents.


Industrial Skyworks, Canada

Industrial Skyworks started out as a drone inspection company with focus on Oil and Gas assets as well as large civil infrastructures. Working with Xinbo Zang Marketing Manager at Industrial Skyworks, we prepared white papers highlighting benefits of using drone for inspection. This is revolutionary technology for better maintenance of oil and gas infrastructure. Also provided blog articles for Industrial Skyworks blog.

MPMR, Somalia

Working for MPMR, have fruitful interactions with Petroleum Minister of Somalia Honourable Mr Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim. Provided support for formulation of Oil and Gas policy framework, rules and regulations. In addition also co-authored a report on Somali oil an gas sector with Strategic Natural Resource Management, Nigeria in 2016.

PE Energy, Nigeria

Owner & CEO Daere Akobo of PE Energy required a Techno-Economic feasibility report prepared for petroleum meansurement facility in Nigeria. Thsi first of its kind facility was to support policy initiative of Nigerian government for increasing petroleum sector transparency and efficiency. Helped PE Energy in preparation of feasibility study, clients info and business plan for liquid and gaseous fuel measurements – dynamic metering as well as tank gauging applications.

Bloomberg Private Talent Cloud

Providing Services to Bloomberg Private Talent Cloud applications, worldwide. As clients info these include business intelligence, Market research, Regulatory management in various jurisdictions as well as preparation of insightful reports in various Oil and Gas operations.